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Former Student

"Ms. Floyd in three words: kind, smart and caring.  Ms. Floyd is a wonderful teacher.  Ms. Floyd brings a new and refreshing type of learning.  She personally makes sure she piques every student's learning and interest.  She makes learning fun, with new and exciting thought games, groups and fun projects!  Overall, she is a wonderful and great educator and always wants to help students."



Current Student

"Erin has been a big help for me. She has taught me so many learning skills. When I first started with Erin, I was having trouble with math and not understanding it. Erin makes math fun and super easy to learn. Even over the summers we review, and this helps me to go back to school ready. She’s taught me how to understand and work out problems. I’m always so excited to have her come every week and help me. She’s so much help, and I love all that Erin does." - Mallory



Former Student

"Ms. Erin is an incredible teacher. She is amazing at connecting with little scholars and caters to different types of learners. I was impressed with the materials and resources she used and it was always different each week. I am so amazed at how engaged my little one is during her sessions and she is so excited to meet with her tutor every week!" - Floralie's mom, Lauren

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Current Student

Ms. Erin is an excellent teacher & tutor. What my daughter (3rd grade) has to say, “She is so awesome at teaching me math! I like her very much!”

Erin teaches original math content to Poppy virtually twice a week.  Below is a screen grab of one of their sessions.

Testimonials: Clients
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Current Student

If anyone has a child struggling in school , a child who just needs to look forward to learning something new every week, or needs a little extra help.  Erin is the tutor for you. We are honored to have her in our corner.

Testimonials: Clients

Phillip loves learning about the natural world.  Erin meets with him once a week and provides personalized lessons about topics of his choosing.  He loved learning about and digging for earthworms with me!

phillips worms.jpg
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