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Erin Floyd founded Tulip Tree Tutoring in 2020 in response to the COVID-19 crisis.  She saw that many families and teachers were struggling to help students grow and maintain academic and social skills.  Tulip Tree strives to meet the diverse needs of all students through focused, individualized interventions.  

Erin has been a professional educator for seven years.  She taught special education and science at Goshen Middle School from 2015 2018.  She then worked at Chandler Elementary School as a Title One Instructor (reading instructor) from 2018-2020.  Before becoming a classroom teacher, she worked for three years as a behavioral therapist and academic tutor for children on the Autism Spectrum. 

She holds an Indiana Professional Educator's License and a Bachelor's Degree in Social Work.  In addition to tutoring, she is currently working towards her master's degree in mental health counseling. 

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